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I am Jade, the owner and designer at Mama Made by Jade. I design the prints, and do almost all of the work that goes into your items. I love to design something that fits around the strong messages that the world currently needs such as 'BE KIND' and 'SELF LOVE' and feel like sharing these messages is so important. I try to design something that is suitable for both adults and children as I know twinning is extremely popular at the moment. I am always open to new ideas and cannot wait to see what 2020 brings. I also love to sew and those that have followed me for a long time will know that handmade was once a huge part of my store. Recently I have had to take a step back from handmade due to home life and wanting to spend as much time as I can with my youngest daughter before she starts nursery. I am planning to bring handmade back eventually, however it will be rolled out slowly and designs will be limited to make them a little more exclusive.

My husband Martin is a huge part of Mama Made, he will often take part in designing and does 80% of the pressing of garments. He will do post runs for me and make me cups of tea or glasses of gin when I am bogged down with work 'haha'. He helped me to grow Mama Made to what it is today and for that I am extremely grateful. He may well be my inspiration for a full men's range which I plan to bring out in 2020.

I have 3 little girls who are a huge part of Mama Made. They have been my inspiration since day 1 and their mixture of personalities makes creating designs very exciting. Lillie is 10, a bit of a tomboy and extremely into certain TV shows and quite often asks me to design her quirky t-shirts, Lailah is 8 and extremely sassy making designing girly items pretty easy, she will come up with the cutest/ funny designs. Finally I have my 3 year old Thalia, you will see a lot of the personalised items that I have listed have her name on. All 3 of them model for me, the older two are a little easier than Thalia but bribes help 'haha'

Jade O'regan is also part of the Mama Made brand, she provides the gorgeous shoes, socks and hats that we have on the website. She also helps with the design aspect and is soon to be a lot more involved with all aspects of the business. 

Kate and Catherine help run our social media accounts, Catherine takes control of all of our raffles and they both help where they can with customer queries.

Kelsey helps with our website and has recently become the Mama Made photgrapher, I am looking forward to creating some look books using our outfits and deisngs.

I can't forget my brand reps who are a huge part of Mama Made, without these girls I wouldn't be able to get my designs as far and wide as I do. They inspire me to create certain designs and listen to me when I need a friend.

As a team I am excited to see where 2020 may take us. 

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